5th - 7th Grade Division
3rd - 4th Grade Division
At our Texas Ultimate Flag Football league we set ourselves apart from others! We create digital player sports cards for pre-order as a unique and fun way to engage players and fans. These cards can serve as memorabilia and help promote the league's players. It's an innovative approach to enhancing the overall fan experience and fostering a stronger sense of community within your league. If you have any questions or need assistance with any specific aspect of this process, feel free to ask, and we will be happy to help.
TUFF Youth league is for kids in pre K-8th grade, as we promote a competitive, teaching, & confidence building, non-contact experience for both boys and girls of all skill levels.
Games are played on Weekends during the Fall and Spring seasons at locations across Texas. Players can register as free-agents, request to play with friends, and/or play for a certain Coach. 

Registration information will be released soon for the 2024 TUFF spring season.

6v6 flag  (Grades as of 2023 - 2024 School Year)

preK-2nd Grade Division(23-24 school yr)
3rd-4th Grade Division(23-24 school yr)
5th-6th Grade Division(23-24 school yr)
7th-8th Grade Division(23-24 school yr)

6 game season plus playoffs or consolation games
6v6 on 30 yd wide x 40 yd long fields
NO Tryouts. NO Drafts. Rosters are formed by "friend" or "coach" requests. Single players will be placed on teams with some similarity and familiarity such as same school, neighborhood, organization, etc. as the other players on the team. Their will be an attempt to keep teams balanced.
All players must have mouthpiece in order to play each game.
ALL coaches are volunteer parents and NOT provided by Pro 7 Sports or TUFF
Games played in the afternoon/evenings.
FOOD, DRINKS and MUSIC at all games!

We at TUFF offer the following refunds within these specific timelines. All refund requests must be submitted by email to your League Commissioner.
FULL or 100% registration fee refund if requested before uniforms are ordered for the league which occurs 3 weeks prior to kickoff.
HALF or 50% registration fee refund if requested after uniforms are ordered and prior to the 2nd game of the season not 2nd week of the season.
NO REFUND request submitted and processed after the 2nd game of the season has been played.
In the event that the TUFF season is canceled prior to the 3rd game of the season due to an unforeseen event such as a mandatory evacuation and/or COVID19 outbreak, then HALF or 50% registration fee refund will be processed. If the season is canceled after the 3rd game of the season has been played due to an unforeseen event, NO REFUND will be processed.
Wait for your coach to contact you near the registration deadline date for season information
You will receive an email confirming your registration
Click on registration button, complete and submit

6 v 6 Flag Game Format
  • Field is 30 yards wide and 40 yards long, including the 8-10 yard end zones.
  • Games are 6 players v 6 players
  • Two 12 minute running clock halves (2 minute break at half)
  • Each possession starts at the 40 yard line after scores, turnover on downs and/or halftime.
  • 30 second play clock (45 second play clock for K-2nd Grade Division)
  • The offensive team has three downs to get a first down at mid-field, then 4 downs to score once they have crossed mid-field.
  • All players are eligible to receive a pass! TUFF uses a QB Tee as the center and pass timer.
  • NO RUSHING THE QUARTERBACK! Unless the QB fakes a handoff which will trigger a defensive player to cross the LOS and rush the QB.
  • Touchdowns = 6 points
  • Extra Point (5 yard line) = 1 pt
  • Extra Point (10 yard line) = 2 pts

Divisional Rules:

K-2nd Grade Division Rules & Goals
45 second play clock
ONE Coach is allowed on the field for both offense and defense
In this division we want to teach proper alignment and running in the right direction with the younger kids. We want to be flexible with the rules and teach the players the proper fundamentals of football. The Deception Rule will be in effect to help with the integrity of the passing game for both offense and defense.

3rd-4th Grade Division Rules & Goals
30 second play clock
NO Coach allowed on the field
​In this division we make the transition into a version of HS 7v7 pass game. We want the players to start working on their skills as a QB, WR, and DB.

5th-6th Grade Division Rules & Goals
30 second play clock
NO Coach allowed on the field
​In this division we make the transition into a version of HS 7v7 pass game. We want the players to start working on their skills as a QB, WR, and DB.

7th-8th Grade Division Rules & Goals
25 second play clock
NO Coach allowed on the field
​In this division we make the transition into a version of HS 7v7 pass game. We want the players to start working on their skills as a QB, WR, and DB.

Basic Rules
1) designated Home team 
2) The clock will only stop for time-outs and injuries unless it is the last minute of the game.(it does not stop for incomplete passes, out of bounds, change of possession)

Pass Game Rules
The Offense has to throw the ball within:
                K – 2nd Grade – 6 seconds

                3rd - 4th Grade – 4 seconds

                5th - 6th Grade – 4 seconds
                7th - 8th Grade - 4 seconds
The sack count starts on the snap of the ball no matter what the offensive play. Once ball comes off QB Tee automatic timer starts.

Forward pass can be underhand or overhand as long as it is beyond the LOS.

If the QB does not release the ball before time expires, the result of the play is a sack and the ball stays at the LOS with a loss of downs.

There are NO passes behind the LOS. This is a penalty and loss of down. No shovel passes


K-2nd Grade, the QB can HAND or PITCH the ball off to another player and they can throw the ball within the allotted time. If/When the QB hands or pitches or throws a backward pass to another player, this alerts the defense that they CAN cross the LOS to pull the flag of the player with the ball.

All grade levels have the option to throw a backward pass for a double pass play. This alerts the defense that they CAN cross the LOS to pull the flag of the player with the ball. (3rd-8th grade can never take a hand off nor run the ball across the line of scrimmage on a backwards pass.)

Defense must start 2 yds off the LOS unless the ball is at the +1 then the Defense can start at Goal line. 

  • The clock will stop in the final 1 minute of the game on these actions:
Out of Bounds
QB Sack and kneel downs
Change of Possession
Penalties. If it’s an offensive penalty the clock will start on the official unless dead ball foul.
  • ONE 30-second timeout per half(this will stop the clock and time will start once whistle has blown to end timeout)
  • Teams do not switch sides at halftime. Field is arranged were both teams will go in same direction for the duration of the game
  • If there is a bad snap, the ball is dead and placed at the LOS. There is NO loss of yardage.
  • There will be a QB timing Tee used for Qb's to take a snap from
  • Ball is placed where a flag is pulled, not where the ball is when the flag is pulled. Flag determines all spots & TD's.
  • A receiver must have one foot in bounds when making a reception.
  • Laterals are allowed but if the ball hits the ground, the ball is spotted at that yard mark.
  • Absolutely no tackling or blocking (stationary pick is allowed but player cannot move)
  • Only one player can be in motion
  • 2 Players must be on the Line of Scrimmage or it will be deemed an Illegal Formation
  • Games cannot end on a defensive penalty.

Special Alert Rules
Defensive players can cross the line of scrimmage when a handoff, fake handoff or backward pass has occurred. This Deception Rule is applied to define the integrity of the LOS and development of the passing game for both offense and defense. This rule applies to all Divisions.
Interceptions can be returned for a TD, if intercepting teams flag is pulled before the goal line then possession will begin from the start line.

If a team is up by 30 or more they only have 2 downs to get a first down and 2 downs to score until that point difference is trimmed below 30 pts. Then regular game rules apply.
The team that is behind by 30 or more points will get 4 downs for first and to score. If the point difference is trimmed below 30 pts, then regular game rules will apply.

Overtime period will take place with each team receiving a possession.
Coin flip determines choice of 1st or 2nd possession
Possession begins at midfield (both teams will go in the same direction)
If a touchdown is scored, the team must then try a 2 point conversion.
If the Defense intercepts the ball it’s a change of possession starting at midfield unless the Defense returns it for a TD. Game could be over if the intercepting team was ahead in points in OT prior to playing Defense or intercepting team returns it for a TD on it’s 1st Defensive possession per OT.
If the game is still tied, the offensive team will get 2 downs to score from the +10 yard line
Teams alternate first possession each overtime period.


What day and where are the practices?
Practices will be held an hour prior to the teams scheduled games at scheduled playing facility, unless the coach wants to organize a practice during the week voluntarily. There will be a designated practice area for the teams on game day.

Who will be the coaches and how do you become a coach?
We encourage parents to participate as coaches as we promote a family atmosphere in developing proper sportsmanship. To become a Coach please select the appropriate box on the registration form. Every coach must have a current background check. You will be sent form to submit for the check.

How do I request a friend or coach for my child's team?
After you register we will send you a form around the registration deadline date where we will ask you for your "Friend Request" and/or "Coach Request",

How do I form or register a team?
Each team requires a minimum of 7 and max of 9 players on the roster, to organize a team please have each player either request a Coach or Friend on the request form. The software will filter the request and assign the players to the proper team. In some circumstances we will not be able to accommodate all request due to the max roster limits. At that time we will notify you of the situation.

What does my kid need to wear for games?
Every player has to have a mouth guard.
Performance TUFF Game Shirts are provided to each player.

What type of football will be used?
Kindergarten - 2nd Grade will use Pee-Wee football.
3rd - 4th Grade Junior football
5th - 7th Grade Youth football

Can my child play in a younger division? 
Example: A 4th Grader playing in the K-2nd Grade Division.
NO. A player can never play down a division but can always play a division up.
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